Friday, January 30, 2009

300,000,000 People With Two Voices

I've always been interested in politics but I've been marginalized by inept two party system. In this country we are led to believe that to represent three hundred million people only two schools of thought are necessary. There are so many political philosophies out there that people would be willing to vote for if only they were given a choice. In addition to the two main parties, Republican and Democrat, you have The Green Party, The Socialist Party, The Constitutionalists Party, The Reform Party, The Moderate Party, The Independence Party, and the list goes on and on. I've given up on the two party system as of this last election.

'08 Election

I was an avid supporter of Barack Obama for the last two years. Right before the election I gave up on him and voted third party. His passionate rhetoric and talk of change had me enthralled. I was absolutely psyched that someone was going to take office and fix all the problems that Bush had caused.

Obama promised to fix health care, make college more affordable, and lower crime rates. I wanted to believe him but when I looked at his stances they were just wrong.

1. His position on health care wasn't the universal single payer system of European countries or the capitalist system with price controls that's used in Japan. Instead he wants to make so everyone can buy into government funded health care while taking little notice of the fact that this approach doesn't fix the broken system of overpriced health care and crooked insurance companies.

2. He promised to make college more affordable but, once again, he intends to do this not by lowering costs but my subsidizing tuition. College costs have shot up year after year over the past few decades. He plans to increase pell grants to students but not extend them to more students. I could not get pell grants or subsidized loans because of my parents. They are helping me with tuition and living costs and I'm eternally thankful but if I wasn't blessed with such parents an education would be out of reach for me.

3. Obama intends to fight crime but introducing stricter gun legislation on legal owners of guns. Gun control sounds good but he fails to consider the fact that most gun crimes are committed by people that purchase the guns illegally and often, are not legally allowed to possess said guns. Cracking down on conceal carriers and gun enthusiasts will only alienate voters and trample the constitution.

Where I Stand Now

So after my disappointment I was left to float in a political purgatory. I've never considered myself a republican and upon closer inspection I realize that I don't belong in the in the democratic party. I'm a combination of personality traits and beliefs that will not mesh with the GOP or the Dems.

Democrats: Sexists, Apoligists, and Gun Grabbers

I'm a white male who believes that gun ownership is a right that should never be infringed upon.

The party constantly rails against men with sexist legislation like the Violence Against Women Act and the ever increasing persecution of fathers unable to pay child support. Males in the democratic party are either naive, gay, or "male feminists". Regular guys are treated as enemies to the party. They continue to tax bad habits such as drinking or smoking that are far more common in the male population than among the female population.

In order to regain and retain power the party has often relied on minority populations. They give them preferential treatment based, not on skill, but on physical characteristics. If people were given college scholarships or jobs based on their hair color or their height people would scream in outrage yet when it comes to skin color this acceptable. The congressman love the white guilt that permeates throughout liberal groups.

Last but no means least is their constant abridgements of the second ammendment. I personally do not own a gun and I'm not the biggest fan of them but I don't think any right should be infringed upon. Just as limiting first and fourth ammendment rights provokes outrage so should limiting second ammendment rights. Less guns could possilby mean less gun crime but not necessarily less violent crime. Britian for example has almost no gun crime but deadly stabbings happen on a regular basis.

Republicans: False Samaritans, Bible Beaters, and Union Busters

Republicans often talk about how you can have whatever you want as long as you work hard enough. Unfortunately for millions of Americans, even those who make good money, good health care is out of reach. When a catastrophic illness hits an American citizen they often have two choices, debt or death. The system needs to be fixed or replaced and when suggestions are made they claim that any solutions are "socialist" or "big government".

I'm an Atheist and the right wing wants nothing to do with "my kind". The godless are routinely insulted by major player in the party. Mit Romney gave a speech during the primaries in which he explained that you must have faith of in a deity to believe in freedom. George H.W. Bush said that the godless are not really Americans because after all it is "one nation under god". Three percent of this country's population is openly Atheist and about twelve percent of people are not affiliated with a religion. The party is marginalizing a growing voting block that wants a secular state.

I believe that unions give workers the right to ensure that they are paid what they are worth. They allow skilled and semi skilled to support their families by forcing employers to raise their wages on a regular basis. Republicans have always fought unions and labeled them a threat to the free market capiatlism that they are such fans of . Under the Obama administration we should see a new wave of unions.


I am now, and as far as I can tell, will always be a third party voter. The two parties have gotten too big, diversified too much to expand their voter base and in doing such have alienated their old bases. In the coming election cycles new leadership is desperately needed and the big parties do not have much to offer. Bush was the absolute worst the right wing had to offer and if Obama flops then he could go down as the next Jimmy Carter. If this happens maybe the rest of America will look to new parties. One can only hope.

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